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Your Health is Our Top Priority

At Yuanyi Acupuncture, we believe in bringing the balance to the mind, body and spirit. Our mission is to promote great health and well being with Traditional Chinese Medicine.



We will check your acupuncture benefit and bill your insurance claims for you if your policy cover acupuncture.

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We accept: cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, Woker's Comp and major insurance


We require 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Patients who must cancel an appointment, and are unable to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice, will be charged a cancellation fee of $15.


Yes, Gift Certificates are availalbe


Patients Love Us

What our clients say is extremely important to us, which is why we value their feedback. That is why Yuanyi acupuncture is so invested in making sure our clients are happy with all of the health treatments and services we offer. Take a look at what our past clients have said about us and schedule your appointment today.

Thank you for all the wonderful acupuncture.
I'd like to take a moment to thank you for all the wonderful acupuncture, herbs and other healing modalities you have used to bring me back to health. As you know, I suffered from severe lung infections, major grief from the loss of two adult children (one was murdered and the other died of alcoholism); back and shoulder pain and clinical depression. I've been going to you for many years and you've walked the path with me. I no longer suffer from depression, the grief has eased and the asthma and lung infections disappeared 2 years ago. It's been about 1 year since I've had a bout of asthma. You are currently working with me because I have sciatica and I am so much better today.
I love watching you work with your students. You are not only a true healer but an excellent teacher. You explain to them, you teach them so much more than just acupuncture. By sharing your knowledge as you do you are creating more healers just like you. You have tremendous insight to what is going on with the patient. This also teaches the students. Your patience and gentleness with your students, and of course, with your patients is what I notice the most.
I look forward to your continued treatment from you. Thank you so much for all you've given me..

Mauryne L., San Francisco

Anita Huang is a gifted acupuncturist.
Anita Huang is a gifted acupuncturist who helped me overcome a chronic asthmatic cough with wheezing. After never having asthma, a bad cold was the catalyst for a cough which seemed to never go away. For almost two years I had this cough which was only somewhat relieved by the medication Advair. I did not want to be dependent on Advair, (a strong corticosteroid which can have many side effects) for the rest of my life. Finally, a friend recommended acupuncture with Anita.
The first time I met Anita, I immediately appreciated her warmth and attentiveness. She listened closely to all of my symptoms and began a step-by-step program of acupuncture and herbs to open up my lungs and get to the underlying causes of my asthma. She quickly recognized that I was very sensitive to acupuncture and herbs and adjusted my dosages accordingly. I began to notice positive changes within a few weeks which encouraged me to continue treatment. Anita explained that it would take awhile to fully address my asthma since it had been going on for a couple of years. It took about nine months for my cough to fully resolve and for me to feel that I could do without the Advair. Now I have been cough free and advair- free for over a year. I continue to see Anita to achieve general balance and maintain my lung health. It is wonderful to have found such a talented practitioner who really listens to her patients and adjusts her treatment approach according to the patient’s unique needs.

Casey Johnson

When I was pregnant and found out my son was breach, my doctor suggested moxibustion to try and get him to turn.  I found the Yuanyi Clinic through yelp, and Anita was absolutely amazing.  Despite calling on a Friday afternoon, she took me in for my first appointment the next morning.  She saw me basically every day during the last four weeks of my pregnancy and taught my husband how to do the moxi so he could do it on the days that I didn't see her.  My son ended up not turning (though I don't fault the moxi or Anita), but I still went to Anita until the day I delivered because I found her presence very calming and motivating in a time that was pretty chaotic.  She even texted me after my son was born to send her well wishes.

I would recommend Anita and the Yuanyi Clinic to everyone, but particularly folks trying moxibustion during pregnancy.

Jackie A. San Mateo, CA

Anita to the rescue:
Anita is truly amazing, always makes you
feel well-cared-for.  Acupuncturist extraordinaire.   Thankfully her dietary suggestions worked, was eating healthily but not preparing food properly, eating to many raw foods. My stomack thanks you! Sciatic nerve issue is getting better, lower back pain much better and spasms gone.
I look forward to every visit with Anita.
Thank you Anita for the good care and
I appreciate your help with getting my health back on track

Catherine S. Pleasanton, CA

Anita is a wonderful healer.  She will help you if you're in pain or with anxiety.  She is very caring and with many years of experience has many tricks up her sleeve to tailor your treatment to make you feel better.

cara g. San Mateo, CA

I really love coming here. Anita is very compassionate and always wants to help.  I had a tear in my right tricep and I swear acupuncture helped heal it and get me back to working out sooner than the projected time my regular doctor had quoted.

Leslie M. San Francisco, CA

I love this place. If you're sick, in pain, depressed or just need a massage go here!! EVERYONE goes above and beyond to help you feel amazing. They explain everything so thorough. First time at acupuncture, and I love it!!

-Thank you ")

V V. San Francisco, CA

I was preparing for a big test and I had a good bit of anxiety.  The focused acupuncture helped me prepare and feel calm.  Anita does have a great way of working!

Bridget B. San Mateo, CA

I am a patient of Anita Huang and she treated me over a period of time for my diabetes, fertility, and stress relief. I never met any doctor who is so caring and a good listening. Anita is a very talented doctor and she makes sure that you are comfortable during the treatment. I am so grateful to have met Anita. Please continue to do all the great work and helping others!

Olivia K. San Mateo, CA

I have had the pleasure of both working with Anita, and being her patient.  She is of pure love and light, and if you are not feeling well, she WILL get you back into shape quickly if you follow her direction. I call her my witch doctor.  She is a very pleasant person, and is extremely gentle.  I have been treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors who know I have a fear of needles, yet they still go in for the kill thinking it will be better to just get it over with quick.  That is not her approach at all.  She takes the time to really listen to your needs, and in my case I need baby needles and patience no matter how much acupuncture I have done.  She understands this, and she happily delivers that.  She is a teacher of the medicine, and is now going back for her Ph.D.  Point being she knows her stuff.  She has a whole pharmacy of herbs in her office which is awesome.  Last huge plus she does accept insurance as well.  If you are not feeling well, get in with her as soon as you can.  She will fix you. The smartest thing you can do is see her for prevention ... Anita is sure to keep you well!

Gina R. Saint Louis, MO


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